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Black Trainers Grey White Primeknit adidas Women’s r1 NMD XBwnvq7Z

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NMD Women’s Black adidas Primeknit White Grey r1 Trainers NALFLEET™ Potable Water Stabiliser Liquid™ is a combination of polyphosphates, having stabilising properties. The product effectively and economically provides scale and corrosion control in potable water and other shipboard once-through water systems.

Product information


  • Prevents "Red Water" in the ship's potable water systems
  • Controls corrosion and scaling in pipelines and other equipment handling softened or evaporated water
  • Supplied in convenient to use liquid form

Women’s Trainers adidas Black r1 White Grey NMD Primeknit Benefits

  • Increases system life and reduces maintenance costs



  • Approved by The Norwegian Food Safety Authority
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Directions for use

Dosing and Control
NALFLEET™ Potable Water Stabiliser Liquid is non corrosive to ordinary metals used in feeding equipment and may be fed with a simple by-pass feeder or suitable chemical dosing pump. Typical dosage rate is 15 to 25mls/m3 water. Storage temperature should not exceed 40 C.

NALFLEET™ Potable Water Stabiliser Liquid meets the requirements of the UK Department of Trade and Industry for use in potable water.

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